Monday, June 15, 2009

Self Mastery is Self Management

Confidence is the most desired state. And its nothing more than the daily practice of specifically designed rituals that improve one's life on any front. Practice turns into skill, and skill turns into confidence. And confidence projects a compelling image - on all fronts.

The cornerstones of a powerful image are about how you look, act, speak and think in any situation. In other words make a LASTing impression.

People can always spot incongruencies or double messages, but don't necessarily identify them - e.g., thinking one way and dressing, acting or speaking another.

  • Image has more to do with how clothes, makeup and hairstyles enhance your eyes and general aura, which are the outward extension of your inner thoughts, or states of mind.
  • A seasoned artist can help transform a person's visual presentation through enhancing or camouflaging proportion, weight, balance, line and colour, which are expressed through makeup, hair design and clothing.
  • First-rate voice coaches can help develop your "auditory image" or "vocal calling card". With improved projection, placement, enunciation and tempo a voice can have a compelling component that's hard to ignore.
  • How you act can be simply stated as nothing more than showing respect to everyone and everything around you and that always starts with self-respect. Poise is a good old fashioned word that sums it up beautifully.

A healthy image of yourself precedes a vibrant image to the world.

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