Saturday, October 24, 2009

Take Responsibility – Speak the Truth

Well its here folks - the cost for not speaking up is that Tweety Bird is still running the show. The dumbing down of the masses’ ability to think critically, never ending greed mongering of the money machines, unscrupulous denial of the escalating damage to climate and sacred Mother Earth via unquenchable consumerism, and entertainment tonight style news reporting for ratings rather than integrity reporting for the truth, abounds like the continent size toxic stew of plastic trash in the Pacific Ocean. Yum! Its like we’ve become a world of Elmer Fudds doomed to continue falling prey.

We see it, feel it, talk about it, complain about it. BUT most people still want to operate in the same old way, yet expect a positive change - DAH! Like Daffy Duck I, like you, witness it on a daily basis in every aspect of life where folks agree with something they secretly don’t rather than speak the truth for fear of not being liked or upsetting the apple cart in a way that might negatively affect them. Its an epidemic of Daffy Ducks ducking their responsibility, and the same old way of doing things still backfires.

Well the jig is up folks. The snowball is at the top of the mountain getting ready to roll down the other side picking up speed “faster than a speeding bullet, locomotive and leaping a tall building” combined. Many of the great thinkers on this planet feel we are at the precipice or the “NO Turning Back” zone where the snowball will land faster than an anvil on Wylie Coyote. Ouch – for centuries – if any survive.

We have a moral obligation to speak the truth. The secret is to speak it with honesty, consideration, openness and well… Love. There, I said it – love. Too often we think of speaking the truth as more of a sword of war rather than than a word of rectification. “You don’t need a hatchet to remove a fly from your friend’s forehead.” Chinese Proverb

Parents especially have an obligation to show their children, by example, that they gain self-respect, form positive self-mastery habits and gain courage and confidence when they speak the truth with integrity and love – on all fronts.

Is it easy? NO Is it right? YES You know what to do – so do it!

So in the name of Porky Pig – that’s all folks - literally - if we don't take individual and collective responsibility.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Journaling Tips

Journal Tips Blog Its been said before and worth repeating “a life worth living is a life worth recording”. And it’s also well documented that journaling is a terrific way to sort your thoughts, figure out what’s bugging you, to let off steam and find solutions to your problems. Simply put - you find your true self through journaling.

Knowing that its just “for your eyes only” (unless you choose to share it) it gives you the freedom to truly and fully express yourself without concern for grammar, spelling or style unless you’re writing it as a memoir. So that said, here are some tips for getting the most out of this liberating activity.

Getting Started - Write with a favorite or unusual pen, like a calligraphy or gel pen with perhaps a favourite colour and in a book or with a particular kind of paper that feels good and is inviting. A computer works just as well and the use of fonts and graphics is fun. You can have one book subdivided or several.

Designate a weekly time (and more if needed) to write your thoughts, feelings, questions, emotions, dreams, aspirations and dilemmas.

It doesn’t matter how much you write but rather that you have expressed yourself fully and consistently.

Draw if you are “drawn” to that form of expression, use crayons, art supplies – what ever and how ever you want to express yourself.

Deal with the Tuff Stuff - When dealing with difficult issues, write the facts on one page or pages and in one book and emotions to those facts in another.

If you’re having trouble sleeping, get up, write out what’s on your mind until its all out and you’ll find that you’ll be able to sleep soundly afterward.

This is especially good for a traumatic event. Its logs facts for potential legal accuracies, but more importantly, it cuts your healing time way down.

But thee most important thing to do here is once you’ve expressed your pain, hurt, fear, anger, etc., look for all the solutions you can find. Finally, push the envelope and find the positives in the situation. Hard to do perhaps, but if you dedicate yourself to achieve this, the reward and illumination you receive will be incalculable in value.

Appreciate the Good Things - We all know its essential to pay attention to the good things in life and appreciate them. Having a separate journal for this purpose gives you a quick reference when you need to be reminded of your blessings and helps to quickly refocus on the important aspects of your life while balancing out difficult times.

Ask Good Questions - The quality of your life is determined by the questions you ask. Free write (don’t worry about grammar, spelling, etc.) stating your dilemma in one pitch or slant to your writing. Then center yourself, close your eyes and pay attention to the feelings that come to you. Write them down with a different pitch, or bold the type or change the written slant. You will be amazed at how much wisdom you have within you. Ideas and strokes of brilliance will abound. This is a great exercise for getting to the heart of concerns and dilemmas quickly.

Finally - I love the practice of reading my journals over at the end of the year over the period of about a week. I mull it over and then write about my discoveries.

I journal what I was successful at, what I would change if I could and how I would do things differently in the future. I also define if I’m doing what I want within the circumstances I have with the highest integrity. And I also make note if its time to re-design my life in some manner or am I contended as it is.

Once that’s defined then I set my goals in all categories for the next year keeping true to my self discoveries.

I’ve been keeping journals for about 20 years and its amazing how I still find its one of thee most fulfilling, self-mastering and rewarding activities I engage in. I highly recommend it as a major component in the pursuit of Personal Mastery.I

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