Sunday, August 9, 2009

Laughter - The Wonder Drug

We all know laughter is the best medicine. No matter what ails us or how difficult life gets, a good belly laugh is one of the best elixirs we can participate in. Its cheaper than medication, smarter than revenge, healthier than addictive behaviors and more effective than doing nothing or wallowing beyond effectiveness.

I know, the last thing you think about, or even want when you're seeing the abyss on the horizon or even hanging on by your fingernails as you're slowly descending into the depths of hell, is - hmm...I could use a good laugh right now. "I haven't got time for that nonsense" or "I'm in pain here" might be the reaction to "hey, let's chuckle it up".

But for those who truly want to conquer their state of affairs, re-design a situation or experience a fresh tolerance for their circumstances, then laughter is one healthy, well-documented doorway to achieving success in tackling your troubles.

When doom is looming - take a break a have a laugh.
When darkness is descending - call a comic friend.
When gloom is gathering - check out the funny pages.
When the abyss is approaching - turn on the boob tube or YouTube, unbuckle your pants and let 'er rip.

Laughter is a major instrument in the toolbox of "personal mastery". And it needs to be used, honed and cared for in order to keep it working well and serving you better. So when happenstance happens, take out your laughter tool and let it works its charm.

In taking a break from your stress you can count on the fact that your troubles will be waiting for you when you've finished laughing it up - much like dirty dishes do. But if you're feeling lighter from laughter, your troubles may present a solution or illuminate a different perspective. If you're feeling happy, you might even "Whistle While You Work" and get those dishes done.

Laughter isn't the answer to your troubles, but it is the suave that soothes a troubled soul and a place of rejuvenation. It gives you a break from the tribulations of life. Its one of the many gifts we humans have. It costs nothing yet gives tremendous dividends - its simply the gift that keeps on giving.

Here's some approaches I've used.
When I'm dealing with one of the chronic crises in my life, I simply take a break and turn to my YouTube favourites and chuckle away. My perspective changes and I'm better able to problem solve (or whatever the situation calls for). Here's some of my fave links.

Babies - who doesn't at least smile at babies?

George Carlin - The King of Comedy & he makes you think too.

1. YouTube is a fabulous place to create a "favourites" folder so you can turn to it in a flash.
2. Get to know the comedians in your life - observe how they view and respond to the world.
3. Take an improve class at Second City.
4. Create some funny shtick for a family or friends gathering.
5. Join or observe a comedy troupe for a holiday from life.

Remember we are what we focus on. So in times of stress, challenge or pain, take frequent breaks, buckle up the chuckle belt and take a ride on the highway of laughter.

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